• Smart led bathroom vanity mirror cabinet

    Smart led bathroom vanity mirror cabinet

    Our LED Medicine Cabinet is a symphony of design elements. We combined our most powerful lighting advancements to create a beautiful storage solution an expression of luxury and function for your bath. From a distance, the LED border produces a striking, modern glow. Up close, enjoy unparalleled light dispersion on the face and body. Made of full-space aluminum frame and explosion-proof mirror, the medicine cabinet is sturdy and durable, with strong load-bearing capacity, safe and reliable. Large storage space can meet the daily storage needs of the family.

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  • Smart Bathroom Mirror Cabinet

    Smart Bathroom Mirror Cabinet

    Smart Bathroom Mirror Cabinet is a combination of smart mirror and vanity cabinet that provides vanity storage space and smart mirror, an interactive smart mirror cabinet for innovative functional bathrooms. Comes with Android smart system, turn on the display, connect to the internet via WiFi, it shows all the online news, weather, music, videos... You can even check your social media updates, everything works like your smartphone. Want a smart mirror without sacrificing storage space, our smart mirror cabinets do the best of both worlds, with two large-capacity storage cabinets on either side, two layers of tempered glass shelves in the cabinets for any of your daily necessities, and There are also sockets in the cabinets, so you can charge your phone while charging your toothbrush or shaver. This is an unprecedented new concept product that deserves your own.

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