• Irregular LED Bathroom Mirror

    Irregular LED Bathroom Mirror

    The Hello Kitty irregular shaped bathroom mirror creates a cute and stylish modern look while adding a sense of space to any room. Backlight adds a stunning artistic effect to your home decor. The use of high-quality LED light strips combined with an elegant design allows the light to be distributed more evenly and softly, and the brightness and color temperature of the light can be adjusted at any time according to the environment.
    We use environmentally friendly materials, and the mirror edge is polished and polished, which is not easy to cut your hands. We have created a light-emitting mirror that is long lasting, safe and energy efficient.

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  • Irregular Shaped Mirror

    Irregular Shaped Mirror

    The shape of this irregular shaped bathroom mirror is full of artistic sense, irregular soft curve, make your space more futuristic, mirror LED light strip adopts modern, stylish design and unparalleled lighting quality, with soft daylight, Gives you extra light when you need it. Designed with a touch-sensitive on/off switch to quickly add more light when you're applying or taking a selfie, it's a sophisticated accessory for a stylish powder room. The mirrors are made of real silver instead of aluminum. Silver mirrors last longer and reflect warmer.

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  • Irregular Wall Mirrors

    Irregular Wall Mirrors

    Irregular wall mirrors feature a Victorian design with a retro feel that takes away the old-fashioned glamour when you check your hair or touch up your makeup. It can decorate above your vanity and look great, or add a touch of glamour to your hallway, exuding luxury and elegance. Featuring a unique shape with one-inch bevels on all edges, symmetrical shapes and scalloped edges, this mirror complements neutral and bright hues and is sure to be the focal point of any room. The installed suspension bracket can choose to hang vertically or horizontally.

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  • Unique Shaped Mirrors

    Unique Shaped Mirrors

    Unique Shaped Mirrors is a space-enhancing design piece with a cobblestone-like profile, framed in gold metal, creating a custom, curated walls cape. Adorn your sofa or sideboard table with this mirror set, natural charm pours into your space.
    The mirror can be placed horizontally and vertically, and can be hung directly after unpacking. We send all the necessary hardware and you can place the mirror at every angle you want.

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  • Unique Bathroom Mirrors

    Unique Bathroom Mirrors

    The unique bathroom mirrors feature a pentagon design, a classic minimalist style that complements modern décor. Made of 5mm high-quality high-definition copper-free environmentally friendly silver mirror, with high light reflectivity, the image is clearer and more natural, beveled edge, frameless design, bringing a symmetrical and clever appearance. Decorative and functional, this modern mirror allows you to see your own reflection in any room.
    This mirror can be mounted vertically or horizontally above the bathroom vanity, perfect for your modern bathroom needs.

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  • Unique irregular shaped vanity wall mirrors

    Unique irregular shaped vanity wall mirrors

    Turn your bathroom into a luxury spa with this mirror. Easily adjust the brightness and color temperature of light with a soft-touch switch. Never worry about having to wipe your mirror in order to see as the built-in defogger means fog-free all of the time as it turns on automatically when turning on the mirror. Find the perfect setting for you. No need to remember the settings due to the smart memory function that will remember it for you. Enjoy, you deserve it!

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  • Unique irregular art large wall mirror

    Unique irregular art large wall mirror

    As functional as it is sleek, this mirror transforms any powder room into a spa-worthy space. LED illumination (offering 50,000 hours of light) pairs with silver-backed glass to provide a crisp reflection, enabling you to apply makeup, style hair, or simply brush your teeth. Plus, dimmable daylight illumination gives you task-specific lighting, and a built-in defogger keeps you in focus, no matter how steamy it gets. This item is backed by a lifetime limited warranty.

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  • Unique irregular shaped bathroom wall mirrors

    Unique irregular shaped bathroom wall mirrors

    Designing a beautiful and relaxing bathroom is a fun and exciting part of your home design. You want your bathroom mirrors to be both stylish and functional, so it’s important to make sure you find the right mirror for your home. LED bathroom mirrors light up your mirror with a powerful, efficient LED bulb so you can apply makeup, groom, and get ready while seeing clearly!

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  • Bathroom irregular shape wall mirror backlit

    Bathroom irregular shape wall mirror backlit

    Decorative Mirror: The semicircle shaped mirror can visually make your home more spacious and attractive. At the same time, it can be used as a functional wall art to add charming scenery to your wall and complete your modern and fashionable room decoration.
    Irregular Mirror: the mirror looks more classic and it is suitable for any room, and after 16 processes, safety grinding edge, smooth not scratch.
    High-quality Glass: The bathroom mirror is made of high-quality float glass which can provide super HD imaging and undistorted reflection.
    Easy Installation: Our wall mirror can be leaned on the wall, and it can also be mounted on the wall, nail expansion screws into a sturdy wall and just hang the mirror on it. The back of the mirror is pre perforated for easy hanging.

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