• Round Mirror with Light

    Round Mirror with Light

    The Round Mirror with Light perfectly combines function, style and technology. The frosted edges allow the LED light to pass directly through and provide uniform illumination directly on your face, which is perfect for makeup, shaving or other delicate tasks. Even after a long hot shower, the built-in demister function can keep the mirror clean and remove blur. With the touch of a button, you can adjust the brightness and color temperature of the lamp (3000K/4000K/5000K) to meet your preferences. Easy to install, specially designed for bathrooms with shower cabins. The service life of LED lights is more than 50,000 hours.

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  • Round Wall LED Mirror

    Round Wall LED Mirror

    The DHEEM Round LED Mirror is a classic wall mirror with flawless lines and innovative LED lighting technology, making it a cutting-edge design option for any bathroom. The focal point of any bathroom architecture, round wall LED mirrors provide the glare-free lighting you need to dress, shave or make up, adding a sense of well-being to your life. Available with LED backlighting and warm or cool light options, round wall LED mirrors add a touch of sophistication and elegance to your bathroom.

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  • Black Circle Backlit Mirror

    Black Circle Backlit Mirror

    Black Circle Backlit Mirror adds a breathtaking design that complements any style of home decor. The power supply is hardwired, the touch of a button controls dimmable, and also controls the light on/off, with an excellent LED backlight, the CRI 90 brings super bright lighting to your bathroom, even if you no longer need any lighting, the light You can choose 3000K warm white or 6000K daylight according to your needs, comfortable visual lighting, uniform light, no flicker, it is the most beautiful focus of your space. The mirror also has an anti-fog function, which can quickly remove the fog condensed on the mirror surface when you shower or bathe, keeping the mirror surface clear. The black frame round backlit mirror is stylish and beautiful, with multiple functions, energy saving and environmental protection, it is very suitable for your modern bathroom needs.

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  • Round Black Mirror Medicine Cabinet

    Round Black Mirror Medicine Cabinet

    Combining stylish looks with practical functionality, this Round Aluminum Black Frame Mirror Medicine Cabinet eliminates bathroom clutter and provides a clean, simple look to any bathroom. Built-in multi-layer tempered glass laminates provide ample space for your bathroom essentials, such as towels, toothbrushes, toothpaste and soap, as well as various cosmetic bottles and boxes. At the same time, the round mirror cabinet adopts 5mm high-quality high-definition copper-free environmental protection silver mirror, which has a clear image and is not easily deformed, so you can dress yourself or make up carefully. Simple and durable construction makes this mirror cabinet easy to install and clean.

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  • Bronze Round LED Mirror

    Bronze Round LED Mirror

    Decorating your bathroom with Bronze Round LED Mirror will add visual space and classic artistry, while also enhancing aesthetics. It excels in quality, function and appearance. The backlit design features soft, non-dazzling light, with adjustable brightness and color temperature functions to provide bright and pleasing ambient lighting in the bathroom. The mist eliminator is a special feature of this bathroom mirror that helps to quickly remove the mist that collects on the mirror. It saves the time of cleaning the mirror manually. Available in a variety of sizes and shapes, you're sure to find the perfect match for your decor.

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  • Round Black Mirror

    Round Black Mirror

    This round black LED mirror aluminum brushed metal frame, not easy to deform and anti-oxidation, improve stability, the classic and stylish appearance design makes this mirror suitable for various decoration styles, such as bedroom, living room, hotel, gallery wall, foyer, Entrance halls, entrances, gardens, hotels, shops, etc., decorate your space more luxurious and fashionable, one-button touch switch, and long-touch button dimming and color temperature, brightness can be adjusted from 10%-100% , the color temperature can be switched from 3000K-6000K at will to meet your various life needs.

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  • Black Round Bathroom LED Mirror

    Black Round Bathroom LED Mirror

    Our Black Round Bathroom LED Mirror with a demister and touch sensor combines modern functions with classic design to create a stylish focal point for the bathroom. The LED light strip has a waterproof and moisture-proof backing. The IP67 rating can ensure safe lighting in a humid bathroom environment. The convenient anti-fog function prevents the mirror from fogging in the shower or bath, thus avoiding the trouble of blurring.

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  • Frameless Round Mirror

    Frameless Round Mirror

    The Frameless Round LED Mirror provides a soft and stable light source with high reflectivity. The minimalistic, frameless mirror design, the ultra-clear glass with almost no green tint, and the cleaner reflection are all amazing details of the craftsmanship. Great for makeup, blow drying, shaving, washing, or just adding a stylish look to your home. 1. Three color temperature 3000k/4000k/6500k 2. Impressive and innocuous design 3. Antioxidant Technology 4. Mirror sandblasting technology 5. Waterproofing and paint layers

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  • Large Round Wall Mirror

    Large Round Wall Mirror

    DHEEM Large Round Wall Mirror is stylish and elegant with a classic frameless design and clear premium glass for perfect reflection. The Changan touch sensor can adjust different light brightness and color temperature according to your mood. With a safety burst film, mirror debris will not splash, preventing your accidental injury to the greatest extent. Importantly, this space-saving mirror with rust-resistant metal hooks can be easily and securely mounted on a variety of walls.

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