• Round LED Infinity Mirror

    Round LED Infinity Mirror

    The Round LED infinity mirror provides infinitely broad light, both a mirror and a work of art. Elegantly adding inspiration to your wall space, this large 600mm mirror is a versatile accessory. This 3D phantom mirror creates something truly magical and awesome, giving more layers of visual enjoyment. Dheem specializes in manufacturing and wholesale infinity mirrors with cheap price, reliable quality and good after-sales service.

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  • Oval RGB infinity mirror tunnel

    Oval RGB infinity mirror tunnel

    Our RGB infinity mirror design, sleek look enhance your bathroom style, welcoming and aesthetically pleasing, creates good lighting for cleaning and makeup routine, more convenient than regular mirror, the glass is reinforced with good thermal stability, no flying fragments when broken This RGB infinity mirror will add luxury to your room, light up your life, and make life more colorful and wonderful. Color-changing lights is perfect for holidays, events, parties, shows, and exhibitions, making your party up to the high peak.

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  • Infinity vanity smart mirror led

    Infinity vanity smart mirror led

    For this infinity mirror, when an outside observer looks into the surface of the mirror, the lights appear to recede into infinity, creating the appearance of a light tunnel of great depth that is lined with points of light. The touch switch on the face illuminates 3,000 lumens of warm LED lights with dazzling results. Plug your Carnival infinity mirror into the mini smart plug included with your purchase, download the app and control your mirror from your smartphone.

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  • Infinity led mirror tunnel

    Infinity led mirror tunnel

    The infinity mirror (also sometimes called an infinite mirror) is a configuration of two or more parallel or nearly parallel mirrors, creating a series of smaller and smaller reflections that appear to recede to infinity. Often the front mirror of an infinity mirror is half-silvered (a so-called one way mirror), but this is not required to produce the effect. A similar appearance in artworks has been called the Droste effect. Infinity mirrors are sometimes used as room accents or in works of art.

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  • Rectangular Infinity Tunnel Mirror

    Rectangular Infinity Tunnel Mirror

    The Rectangular Infinity Tunnel Mirror adds inspiration to your space and is perfect for a variety of interior decorating styles, this mirror relies on the illusion created to appear infinitely deep, further enhanced by a rectangular frame and a beam of light that wraps around its inner surface, from Looking at the mirror on the surface, it seems like an endless deep wormhole, full of science fiction. This 3D tunnel mirror can be customized with logo and size, beautiful and durable.

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