• Lighted Medicine Cabinet Mirror

    Lighted Medicine Cabinet Mirror

    Lighted Medicine Cabinet Mirror is an emerging trend in modern luxury bathrooms, with a beautiful and elegant design that is versatile and functional. A frameless mirror can increase the visual experience of the bathroom space. Stepless dimming can be adjusted from 10% - 100% brightness to match your preferences, color temperature can be switched from 3000K - 6000K, stepless color temperature adjustment to meet your pursuit of romantic atmosphere. High quality materials and exquisite workmanship, and easy to install. Provide a better happiness experience for you and your family.

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  • Smart Bathroom Mirror Cabinet

    Smart Bathroom Mirror Cabinet

    Smart Bathroom Mirror Cabinet is a combination of smart mirror and vanity cabinet that provides vanity storage space and smart mirror, an interactive smart mirror cabinet for innovative functional bathrooms. Comes with Android smart system, turn on the display, connect to the internet via WiFi, it shows all the online news, weather, music, videos... You can even check your social media updates, everything works like your smartphone. Want a smart mirror without sacrificing storage space, our smart mirror cabinets do the best of both worlds, with two large-capacity storage cabinets on either side, two layers of tempered glass shelves in the cabinets for any of your daily necessities, and There are also sockets in the cabinets, so you can charge your phone while charging your toothbrush or shaver.
    This is an unprecedented new concept product that deserves your own.

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  • LED Mirror Medicine Cabinet

    LED Mirror Medicine Cabinet

    The LED mirror medicine cabinet is stylishly designed to open up the space and capture light, increasing visibility and creating the illusion of spaciousness, with 2 height-adjustable tempered glass shelves for more storage. The infrared sensor switch can turn on and adjust the LED beauty light at will, which is more convenient and safer. Power-off memory function automatically saves the last setting when the LED light goes out. Available in a variety of styles and sizes, each with its own unique design to suit your personal taste and decor. Built-in socket for curling irons and hair dryers, shavers, etc. When you're picking out your medicine cabinet, timeless, stylish style ensures you'll love your medicine cabinet as it lasts a long time with dependable quality.

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  • LED Mirror Cabinet with Shaver Socket

    LED Mirror Cabinet with Shaver Socket

    LED Mirror Cabinet with Shaver Socket supports recessed or surface mounting, saving space for a better bathroom visual experience. Turn on defogging, adjust brightness and color temperature at will, and provide you and your family with a better morning washing experience. Infrared on/off sensor, wave the hand to turn on and off the light by the sensor, and also adjust the color temperature of the light, put your hand under the red sensor for 3 seconds, you can adjust from 3000K - 6000K three-color and stepless color temperature to meet your needs. Built-in defogger, close to 40°C in a short period of time, to achieve faster and safer defogging effect, and automatically turn off defogging when the lights are turned off. The mirror cabinet also comes with sockets that can be used to charge a hairdryer, shaver or electric toothbrush. This is an LED mirror cabinet that will give your bathroom a whole new look.

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  • Bathroom LED Mirror Cabinet

    Bathroom LED Mirror Cabinet

    The Bathroom LED Mirror Cabinet features a classic clean design that opens up space and captures light, creating the illusion of spaciousness while providing additional storage. Their designs are an easy way to upgrade your bathroom space. Available in a variety of styles and sizes, each with its own unique touch to suit your personal taste and decor. Two height-adjustable tempered glass shelves are built-in, and the transparent shelves echo the interior of the mirror cabinet as a whole, adding a greater sense of space. When choosing a mirror cabinet, it's best to choose whether it has an LED light bar or a seamless mirror finish, its timeless and stylish style ensures you'll love your mirror cabinet because of its long lifespan.

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  • Medicine Cabinet with LED Mirrors

    Medicine Cabinet with LED Mirrors

    This Medicine Cabinet with LED Mirrors is a stylish multifunctional product, it is equipped with LED lights with dimmable (10%-100%) and adjustable color temperature (3000K-6000K) functions, allowing you to better control the lighting and A space ambience that provides even and optimally bright lighting when you're grooming, shaving, brushing your teeth or applying makeup, making daily grooming easier than ever.
    The mirror cabinet with light can adjust the tempered shelf at will, and can store cosmetics, bath products, razors, beauty equipment, or medicines, say goodbye to the messy bathroom, and make your own private space neat and tidy. Anti-rust aluminum bathroom vanity mirror with light is durable and moisture-proof, it is the best choice for your bathroom.

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