• Vanity bath room medicine cabinet with mirror

    Vanity bath room medicine cabinet with mirror

    This LED medicine cabinet is a brilliant combination of elegant style and modern convenience. It offers you great storage space and bathroom convenience with cutting-edge LED technology.
    With this LED medicine cabinet, it has three colors LED dimmer, color temperature ranges from 3000K - 6000K (white light 6000K, warm white light 4000K, yellow light 3000K), offers you choices of different light colors for different purposes. Short press to switch colors, long press to adjust brightness.

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  • Bathroom Mirror Cabinet

    Bathroom Mirror Cabinet

    DEHEEM bathroom mirror cabinets have a three-door design for a sophisticated and stylish style that complements any bathroom. Frameless mirrors add light and space to the bathroom. The structure of the mirror cabinet is an aluminum alloy frame, which is anti-oxidative, not easy to deform, light in weight, and has a long service life. Inside the cabinet is a two-level divider that maximizes storage space and holds everything you want to keep your countertop clean. At the same time, it also provides DTC soft closing technology to prevent noise from destroying your tranquility, and it can also well protect the mirror cabinet from strong impacts.
    Installation is quick and easy, just screw the aluminum rail to the wall, hang the mirror cabinet, and it's ready to use right out of the box.

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  • Black Medicine Cabinet with Mirror

    Black Medicine Cabinet with Mirror

    Black medicine cabinet with mirror adopts square LED light bar design, unique light transmission position, provides you with natural soft light and provides the best visual experience. Black aluminum frame, classic and simple style, durable and not easy to deform, high quality, suitable for any bathroom. One-click dimming and color temperature, creating a romantic space atmosphere at will. The inside of the cabinet is equipped with a shaver socket, which can be used to charge shavers and toothbrushes as needed, and 2-layer tempered glass shelves, which are sturdy and durable. Double-sided mirror, open the cabinet can also be convenient to look in the mirror.
    This is the ideal mirror cabinet that will satisfy you in both style and function.

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  • Mirrored Medicine Cabinet with Lights

    Mirrored Medicine Cabinet with Lights

    A mirrored medicine cabinet with light will perfectly reflect the stylish luxury taste of the bathroom. Using 5mm high-definition copper-free environmental protection silver mirror, the image is clear, not easy to be deformed, and has the greatest corrosion resistance. LED brightness can be easily adjusted using an infrared sensor. Built-in mist eliminator prevents glass condensation. Frameless style, simple appearance, fashionable double doors revealing tempered glass shelves, which can store bath supplies, cosmetics or medicines, etc. It is an ideal place to store daily necessities.
    DHEEM is a manufacturer of LED mirrors and mirror cabinets with cheap and reliable quality.

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  • Medicine Cabinet with Mirror and Lights

    Medicine Cabinet with Mirror and Lights

    Mirrored medicine cabinets feature LED lights to create a beautiful storage solution that brings luxury and functionality to your bathroom. From a distance, the LED strip bezels give off an eye-catching modern glow. We use high-quality hinges and fittings that are rust-proof and durable, work smoothly and will not rust or deform, our mirrors also use the most advanced coating technology to resist oxidation, aluminum metal cabinets are more durable than traditional cabinets, this mirror cabinet The body strictly conforms to the waterproof IP44 standard, so there is no need to worry that the product cannot withstand the moisture in the bathroom. LED daily dimming light, the light can be adjusted from 10% - 100% brightness to the light feeling closest to natural light, bringing you a clearer and more delicate makeup experience. Enjoy the unparalleled spread of light on the face and body up close.

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  • Large LED Mirror Medicine Cabinet

    Large LED Mirror Medicine Cabinet

    The Large LED Mirror Medicine Cabinet has all the details you want to see with its three doors and LED integrated design and wide mirror space. Built-in defogger and soft and natural LED light, the image is clear and natural without deformation, the middle is an integrated digital clock and Bluetooth speaker, the mirror cabinet door is installed with a soft-closing hinge, open or closed, effective cushioning and quiet. The large backlit multifunction display keeps you informed, and the touchscreen provides unmatched control at your fingertips. STANHOM bathroom mirror cabinets are the perfect solution for the bathroom, carefully designed to combine quality craftsmanship, innovative technology and great practicality.

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  • Bathroom Vanity Mirror Cabinet

    Bathroom Vanity Mirror Cabinet

    This bathroom vanity mirror cabinet is the perfect way to decorate any style of bathroom. Internal adjustable tempered glass shelves provide additional bathroom storage, keeping all your toiletries and bath products within easy reach. The self-closing hinge can open up to 110°, and has a silent buffer function to reduce the impact of closing the cabinet door, and the rust-proof aluminum frame structure provides stability and durability. Illuminated mirror cabinets provide the brightest, even and shadow-free bathroom lighting, very close to natural light. A rotatable side panel lets you direct light exactly where you need it.

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  • Lighted Medicine Cabinet Mirror

    Lighted Medicine Cabinet Mirror

    Lighted Medicine Cabinet Mirror is an emerging trend in modern luxury bathrooms, with a beautiful and elegant design that is versatile and functional. A frameless mirror can increase the visual experience of the bathroom space. Stepless dimming can be adjusted from 10% - 100% brightness to match your preferences, color temperature can be switched from 3000K - 6000K, stepless color temperature adjustment to meet your pursuit of romantic atmosphere. High quality materials and exquisite workmanship, and easy to install. Provide a better happiness experience for you and your family.

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  • Smart Bathroom Mirror Cabinet

    Smart Bathroom Mirror Cabinet

    Smart Bathroom Mirror Cabinet is a combination of smart mirror and vanity cabinet that provides vanity storage space and smart mirror, an interactive smart mirror cabinet for innovative functional bathrooms. Comes with Android smart system, turn on the display, connect to the internet via WiFi, it shows all the online news, weather, music, videos... You can even check your social media updates, everything works like your smartphone. Want a smart mirror without sacrificing storage space, our smart mirror cabinets do the best of both worlds, with two large-capacity storage cabinets on either side, two layers of tempered glass shelves in the cabinets for any of your daily necessities, and There are also sockets in the cabinets, so you can charge your phone while charging your toothbrush or shaver.
    This is an unprecedented new concept product that deserves your own.

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