• Large Frameless Wall Mirror

    Large Frameless Wall Mirror

    Designed for those who love style and modernity, the large frameless wall mirror adds a touch of brilliance to an otherwise dull space with a classic, stylish shape, making the mirror the perfect complement to the bathroom. From creating greater visual impact and reflecting more light to instantly refreshing your bathroom décor, frameless wall mirrors can be used in every style of bathroom. With smart touch switches and durable LED strips, you can illuminate your bathroom with white, natural and warm colors, allowing you to do whatever you want and create a free and relaxing atmosphere.

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  • Round Wall Backlit Mirror

    Round Wall Backlit Mirror

    The round-wall backlit mirror has a unique design, and the unique luminous holes on both sides add a full sense of art to the bathroom. Adopt safe and waterproof LED light bar, high brightness and color rendering, durable without flicker, color temperature dimming can be adjusted at will Bulk purchase price is favorable, size and function can be customized.

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  • Bathroom vanity frameless wall led mirror

    Bathroom vanity frameless wall led mirror

    This bathroom vanity frameless wall led mirror comes with eco-friendly, cost-saving LED strips, offering absolute wonderful experience for you! Our stylish bathroom vanity frameless wall led mirror is designed with dimmable feature, allowing you to illuminate your mirror to the desired level of light from white light, warm white light to warm light with the sensitive touch sensor. The high-quality built-in touch control design provides functionality which would be more higher-end than traditional switch, designed to make life easier. This bathroom vanity mirror is the best gift for parents, friends and yourself!

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  • Frameless Wall LED Mirror

    Frameless Wall LED Mirror

    Light up your day with Frameless Wall LED Mirror! A safe and innovative defogger pad behind the mirror glass prevents condensation on the mirror surface. The high-quality LED strip is used, which is IP44 certified, which means it is not affected by dust, splashes and moisture, and the maximum 6000 lumens brings super bright lighting to your bathroom, and the light can be used at 10% - 100% Adjustable within the brightness range, allowing you to see yourself in the most realistic light for makeup, beauty and skin care. Eco-friendly copper-free silver mirror greatly reduced corrosion rate compared to common silver mirror used by most brands, UL certification for each electrical component. Our packaging is fully compliant with international drop tests. If you have any questions, please contact us, thank you for your understanding.

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