• LED Vanity Mirror

    LED Vanity Mirror

    The stylish and classic design of LED Vanity Mirror is your best choice. Its bright white warm and cool light diffuses evenly behind frosted glass for a soft glow. With a long press on the touch sensor, three different color lighting options can be adjusted according to your mood. It also has the ability to adjust the brightness of the light, a truly versatile LED mirror. This mirror can be installed vertically or horizontally and is perfect for above bathroom vanities. No need to decide which LED color temperature to buy, this mirror has it all, perfect for your modern bathroom needs. The anti-fog feature is especially handy for people who put on makeup right after taking a shower.

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  • Frameless Round Mirror

    Frameless Round Mirror

    The Frameless Round LED Mirror provides a soft and stable light source with high reflectivity. The minimalistic, frameless mirror design, the ultra-clear glass with almost no green tint, and the cleaner reflection are all amazing details of the craftsmanship. Great for makeup, blow drying, shaving, washing, or just adding a stylish look to your home.
    1. Three color temperature 3000k/4000k/6500k
    2. Impressive and innocuous design
    3. Antioxidant Technology
    4. Mirror sandblasting technology
    5. Waterproofing and paint layers

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  • Large Round Wall Mirror

    Large Round Wall Mirror

    DHEEM Large Round Wall Mirror is stylish and elegant with a classic frameless design and clear premium glass for perfect reflection. The Changan touch sensor can adjust different light brightness and color temperature according to your mood. With a safety burst film, mirror debris will not splash, preventing your accidental injury to the greatest extent. Importantly, this space-saving mirror with rust-resistant metal hooks can be easily and securely mounted on a variety of walls.

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  • Round Led Bathroom Mirror

    Round Led Bathroom Mirror

    Round LED bathroom mirrors add beauty to any modern bathroom. The unique LED light is soft and not dazzling, it can effectively illuminate the face when shaving or makeup and make your look more refined. The touch sensor changes the color temperature of the light from warm to cool to suit any bathroom environment. The use of 12V LED low voltage safety light strip makes this mirror very energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

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  • Backlit Vanity Mirror

    Backlit Vanity Mirror

    The Backlit Vanity Mirror adds sparkle and style to any style of bathroom decor and is easy to install, either vertically or horizontally.
    Perfect for applying makeup, blow drying hair, shaving, washing or just adding a new stylish look to your home. Also looks great in any restaurant, spa, retail store, bar and hotel. DHEEM Backlit Mirrors are all fully product ETL and cETL certified, featuring high-end copper-free silver mirrors and a safe and energy-efficient LED light system to ensure lasting quality.

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  • Square Wall Mirror

    Square Wall Mirror

    Classic and luxurious, this square wall mirror is perfectly modern and bold in style, with crystal inlaid light holes and LED lighting that instantly fills your space with a luxurious and romantic vibe.
    This is a versatile mirror that can be placed in any room in your home. You can hang it in the bedroom as a night light or in the dressing area as a vanity mirror. A square wall backlit mirror is sure to grab everyone's attention, no matter which room you put your mirror in.

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