• Bronze Round LED Mirror

    Bronze Round LED Mirror

    Decorating your bathroom with Bronze Round LED Mirror will add visual space and classic artistry, while also enhancing aesthetics. It excels in quality, function and appearance. The backlit design features soft, non-dazzling light, with adjustable brightness and color temperature functions to provide bright and pleasing ambient lighting in the bathroom. The mist eliminator is a special feature of this bathroom mirror that helps to quickly remove the mist that collects on the mirror. It saves the time of cleaning the mirror manually. Available in a variety of sizes and shapes, you're sure to find the perfect match for your decor.

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  • Round Black Mirror

    Round Black Mirror

    This round black LED mirror aluminum brushed metal frame, not easy to deform and anti-oxidation, improve stability, the classic and stylish appearance design makes this mirror suitable for various decoration styles, such as bedroom, living room, hotel, gallery wall, foyer, Entrance halls, entrances, gardens, hotels, shops, etc., decorate your space more luxurious and fashionable, one-button touch switch, and long-touch button dimming and color temperature, brightness can be adjusted from 10%-100% , the color temperature can be switched from 3000K-6000K at will to meet your various life needs.

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  • Black Round Bathroom LED Mirror

    Black Round Bathroom LED Mirror

    Our Black Round Bathroom LED Mirror with a demister and touch sensor combines modern functions with classic design to create a stylish focal point for the bathroom.
    The LED light strip has a waterproof and moisture-proof backing. The IP67 rating can ensure safe lighting in a humid bathroom environment. The convenient anti-fog function prevents the mirror from fogging in the shower or bath, thus avoiding the trouble of blurring.

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  • Copper Framed LED Mirror

    Copper Framed LED Mirror

    Add classic luxury to any bathroom decor with this modern Copper Framed LED Mirror, blending design aesthetics with advanced technological features to brighten up your everyday life. The soft LED light provides a warm glow, the color temperature can be switched from 3000K to 6000K, and the brightness of the light can be adjusted from 10%-100%, which can be adjusted according to your own preferences and environment. And with a memory function, you can set the brightness and color temperature at will with the touch of a button, and your settings will be memorized. A built-in heated mist eliminator pad prevents condensation from forming on part of the mirror.
    This mirror is also suitable for bedrooms, closets or hallways.

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  • Black Framed Wall Mirror

    Black Framed Wall Mirror

    Black Framed Wall LED Mirror is a stylish focal point for your bathroom, featuring a sleek matte black frame that adds a touch of artistic design to any bathroom setting for a romantic and elegant ambience. Polished edges and backing security film give this mirror a solid structure, and the original edge sealing technology resists rust and corrosion for long-lasting durability. The switch on the mirror can be turned on by a short press, and the color temperature of the light can be adjusted by a long press, and the integrated heating element prevents the mirror from fogging. This mirror can help you create your ideal bathroom.

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  • Black Framed Bathroom Mirror

    Black Framed Bathroom Mirror

    The stunning Black Framed Bathroom LED Mirror has a simple and elegant design that complements any bathroom or home decor. Because it uses a rust-proof aluminum alloy frame, it is sturdy and stable, and uses a 5mm thick copper-free environmentally friendly silver mirror, which has a clear image and high reflectivity. The fashionable and energy-saving LED lights naturally flow through the frosted front to transmit light, providing soft and natural light, with a service life of more than 50,000 hours. The built-in PET temperature-controlled anti-fog film can quickly remove the fog on the mirror surface. At the same time, it can be hung vertically or horizontally according to your preference.
    Whether you're planning to remodel your new home or buy in commercial bulk, be sure to check out our black frame bathroom mirrors!

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  • Black Frame Oval Mirror

    Black Frame Oval Mirror

    Pill shaped LED mirrors add a sense of artistry and well-being to your interior space decor. Featuring a classic oval profile and rounded edges, these black framed mirrors feature a premium powder-coated stainless steel frame and can be hung horizontally or vertically. At the same time, this mirror has dimming and color temperature functions, and the built-in anti-fog film can quickly remove mirror water droplets. Perfect for bathroom, living room or bedroom decor, get dressed and make up before you leave the house so you can start your day off to a good start.

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