Save bathroom space with mirror cabinets


With the continuous improvement of living standards, people's requirements for living comfort are also constantly improving. In bathrooms, bathtubs, washbasins, mirrors, cabinets or cabinets are usually installed separately. These necessary items are often in different styles, on the one hand, the bathroom is not coordinated as a whole, on the other hand, because these daily necessities are designed and produced separately, the specifications are difficult to unify or cooperate with each other, resulting in a certain degree of waste in the utilization of housing space.

mirrored medicine cabinet with lights

Bathroom mirror cabinet structure

The mirror cabinet includes a support piece, an object storage slot and a mirror cabinet body. The storage slot is arranged between the support and the mirror cabinet body. There is mirror glass on the mirror cabinet body. One side of the base cabinet is fitted with the mirror cabinet support, and the basin is arranged on the top surface of the base cabinet. The base cabinet is also provided with one or more sliding doors and drawers.

mirror cabinets bathroom

How Mirror Cabinets Prevent Stuff

The bottom cabinet is provided with one or more sliding doors and drawers, and items can be put into the cabinet when in use, so that the living environment can be kept clean. The mirror cabinet storage slot can store commonly used toiletries or cosmetics. The mirror glass on the mirror cabinet body is convenient for people to use when washing or making up. The bottom cabinet, the basin and the mirror cabinet are formed into an integrated component, which effectively improves the utilization efficiency of the housing space, facilitates the placement of items, and saves the housing space.

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