The function and material of the bracket behind the led black frame bathroom mirror


black mirror

Black frame bath mirror glass back with metal frame

The inner side of the metal frame is provided with a connecting groove, and the connecting groove is provided with a connecting piece for installing the backboard, and the connecting piece is used to install the backboard and the metal frame together. The square groove is arranged on the outer side of the arc groove, the cross section of the connecting piece is L-shaped, and the connecting piece is embedded in the square groove through the arc groove. The metal frame is a box formed by bending the entire aluminium profile. The corners of the metal frame transition in arcs. There are four connecting pieces, and the four connecting pieces are respectively clamped on the four sides of the metal frame. The area enclosed by the metal frame is smaller than the area of the mirror glass.

black framed bathroom mirror

Black Frame Bath Mirror Lamp Slot Design

A lamp trough is arranged on the outside of the metal frame, and the lamp trough is provided with an LED light strip and a light-transmitting plate that encapsulates the LED light strip in the lamp trough, and is isolated from the outside world. The circuit control module is arranged in the space enclosed by the metal frame and the back plate, and the circuit control module is electrically connected with the LED lamp. The beneficial effects of the utility model are as follows: the utility model adopts the bathroom mirror rear bracket connection structure, the structure is simple, and the design is ingenious. There is a connecting groove on the inner side of the metal frame, the connecting piece is directly embedded in the connecting groove, and the metal frame and the back plate are installed together, which is convenient and quick to install, saves time and labor, and improves the assembly efficiency.

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