Innovative design ideas for LED mirrors in small space


LED mirrors are a must-have in any modern bathroom. Besides being stylish and sleek, they provide you with fantastic lighting that will make your bathroom look and feel much brighter and more spacious. However, when you have a small bathroom, the task of choosing the right LED mirror design and placement can be a bit challenging. In this article, we’ll give you some innovative design ideas for LED mirrors in small spaces.

Thin and Sleek Frames:

When space is limited, a thin and unobtrusive LED mirror frame can make all the difference. A frame that is too bulky or ornate can make your bathroom feel smaller and cluttered.

Floating LED Mirrors:

A floating LED mirror is an excellent way to save space and create a minimalist bathroom design. This type of mirror is mounted on your wall using a hidden bracket so that it appears to be “floating” free from the wall. This option provides you with a seamless look that adds light and depth in small spaces.

Corner Mounting

Corner mounting is an excellent way to create more floor space in your tiny bathroom. Opt for a small, round LED mirror that is mounted in the corner, and it will instantly give your bathroom a more open feel.

Vertical Mounting

Vertical mounting is another effective way to save space in your small bathroom. When you place an LED mirror on the wall vertically, it creates a perception that the ceiling is higher than it is. This trick makes the bathroom feel more spacious than it is in reality.

Wall-to-Wall Mirrors

A wall-to-wall LED mirror design is a perfect solution for creating an illusion of more space. This option is perfect for small bathrooms with walk-in showers or bathtubs. By matching the mirror to the shower or bath’s length, you can make the entire wall look like a mirror, which opens up the room and makes it look far bigger than its actual size.


With these innovative LED mirror design ideas, you can create a chic and stylish bathroom oasis in even the smallest of spaces. Small bathrooms should not be an obstacle to a luxurious design. With creativity and thoughtful design, you can enjoy a relaxing and visually exciting bathroom experience, even in the smallest spaces.

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